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Enjoy Making Wooden Toys


"Some of the Toys that customers have made using our plans and patterns"

Thank you to all my customers who have sent photos of the toys that they have made and comments on the plans & patterns.

The Bi-Plane Rocker is my best seller so it makes sense that most of the photos, received so far are of it, I love the variety of colours, and seeing the different timbers that are used by people around the world.

If you have sent an E-Mail with photos and one is not below please E-Mail me again, (I am getting better, but I still don't trust myself completely with all this technology and may have deleted your e-mail or filed it in the wrong place).

With many thanks,






Hi Phil,


Finally finished. Now to get them to Scotland.


Many thanks, Very impressed with your plans credit is all yours.



D. Walters









Just wanted to send you a pic of my completed airplane.  I painted with chalk paint and wax coated it.  I also made a custom leather seat for it too.  It turned out great, for my first wood project ever.  I've gotten tons of compliments on it.  Thanks for the plans...they worked great.  


T. Lipsey




Hi Phillip

I thought I would send you a couple of photoís of the bi-plane that I made recently.

The timber finish one is the first one I made and the second is in Essendon Football club colours for a friend in Melbourne.

I have really enjoyed making them and find the plans are pretty straight forward.

Looking forward to making the T Model Ford toys.


G. Nicholas

Fairview Park S.A.




From Craig








  I would like to thank you for the wonderful plans for the Sand Box Digger.

I built this one for my son for Christmas. He's 2 1/2 and he loves it. Great plans and patterns, hope to order more from you in the future.  The only change I made to the plans was to use the pipe for the seat support instead of turning the ends of a wood block, I don't currently have a lathe but is still works great. I painted Old Caterpillar Yellow and Black to look like the diggers and bulldozers he see around town. I have included photos if you would like to post them in your photo gallery feel free.



B. Davis

Ponchatoula, La USA





Hi Phillip,

My version of your great Plane for my Grandsons 1st. 

 A Smith





Hi Phillip,

I have attached photo of bi-plane that I made for my Grandson which he loves and so does his older sister. 

Your plans are very easy to follow.


Thank you







Hi Phil, 

Thrilled with the results and the plans were very easy to follow. I actually have requests to make more!  This was for my nephew's 1st birthday and he hopped right on and started rocking!  Here's a pic for your gallery.







Nick B



Hi Phil, 

Have just completed the Kenworth B Double, thought you might like to take a look. I kept it pretty close to your plan, the only thing I did differently was on the roofs of both trailers. Instead of making each of them from a single piece of pine I glued together 2 layers of ply, one full size and one smaller in both dimensions which saved me having to router all around the sides of a single piece of timber. Also I didnít have any suitable pine in stock at the time! 

The only other changes were to use magnetic cupboard catches to hold the doors shut instead of wooden latches and to dowel and glue all the joints instead of using screws. Iím pretty happy with the end result but have to admit I donít really enjoy the painting stage too much Ė too much masking out and waiting for the paint to dry. 

Got a bit of an issue now as Iím starting to run out of space to display models ... 

Hope all is going well for you and trust you are keeping busy. Any more new models on the horizon? 

Best wishes


(Hervey Bay) AUS





Hi Phillip 

I've had so much fun making toys from your plans and patterns. Here is a selection I have finished.

The cradle is fitted together with mortise & tenon joints and My wife did the soft furnishings.The bull dozer, as with all my toys is glued without screws as grandson loves to unscrew them. 





Hi Phillip sending you some photos of the T. model ute I have just finished building from your plans,I am very pleased with the final result & will be trying the other versions in the near future ,

                   Yours Faithfully P.W. (AUS)


Completed for nephew for a Christmas gift.


S.S. PA (US)


Hey there Phillip good to hear from you. Glad you liked the photos and yes you are welcome to use the photo to your gallery. Thanks very much and will order something new before long. G (AUS)


Hi Phillip,
              please find attached a photo for your gallery. I made one of your planes about 18 months ago with basic hand tools, ( the blue and yellow one in the gallery ), and at the time took the trouble to make templates. I now have a well equipped workshop and I've made a lot of other toys. Now second time round with the aeroplane templates and the right tools it's been a lot easier and I've got a better result. I made these two planes for a friends grandchildren, boy and girl. I'm retired and the toys are just a hobby but I get a lot of pleasure out of making them and it helps keep the mind sharp and the hands busy. Also thank you for the email regarding the wooden wheels. I haven't needed any yet but good to know you have them.
Still enjoying making wooden toys.
Have a great Xmas



You mentioned in your letter with my plans you are putting together a gallery of photos of toys made from your plans.

I have attached some photos of my first attempt at your Dump Truck, I hope I have done it justice. Your plans and instructions are very good to work with. 



PS: I'm going to try the Model T Fords next. 


  Hi Phillip,

I purchased plans for the biplane rocker off you last year (I think Sept or Oct), with the aim of making the plane for my son for his first birthday in mid January.

I am not a real pro woodworker, but enjoy sawing, srewing and nailing and making things with my hands (homemade is much better than bought!).  We only had the basic tools list.  I managed to scrounge around our wood scraps at home and find all the bits I needed to make the plane.  Apart from the two front wheels and castor back wheel the plane is made from completely recycled timber.  As well as creating something useful, it removed a lot of scrap wood from our burgeoning collection.

I have attached photos of the completed plane and rocker. 

LW (Townsville) AUS


 Here is my truck that I made from your plan that I purchased from you in late fall.Turn out not to bad Have a grate day,your friend B.S. from Saskatchewan Canada





Hi Phillip,

Have made two trucks and enjoyed it,have attached photos and one of another one I made.

Made spoked wheels for one truck.

Nearly 75 but do enjoy pottering in the workshop,grandchildren to old to enjoy now.





Hello Phillip,

Just sending a photo of my first attempt at one of your plans which I made for a grandson for Christmas.  I really enjoyed making it and am about to embark on a second project.






Evening Mr. Faram

 Not quite the accomplished wood worker as many of your contributors, but alas am submitting two amateur completed projects.  The truck is similar to a neighboring quarry truck and thus color is based on that item. 

That and I like to use a variety of colors to enable the boys to learn colors.



Please see woodwork Attachments

By KS (Mildura) AUS



Hi Phillip

 I am writing to thank you for the rocking chair plans you sent me on 17 April.  The plans were great and I really enjoyed making the chair.  I used Tasmanian oak for the rockers and sides, and kauri pine for the seat, back and arm rests.  It is finished in Cabot's water based satin varnish.

Once again, thank you for a great set of plans

 P (Hornsby AUS)




Hi Phillip

Just thought I'd send through a photo of the table & chairs I made. I also made the fridge, I'll send a photo to you down the track sometime.







Hello Phillip,


What a great cattle truck, maybe in the future I shall build one.

The aeroplane rocker was a great success for my great grandson, although he had to wait sometime for it as my son thought I had nothing to do so bought himself a kit form 2.7 mtr dinghy for me to build which was also a success.

Attatched is a photo of the aeroplane rocker. I was very impressed with the plan

Thank you E.L.P.





Ready for the stain - New Golden Oak, of course... 

Phillip, thankyou for the plan - have I had some fun and have I spent some money on bandsaw, router bits, mitre gauges, etc, etc - but all in a good cause.

He is only 3 weeks old, but I'm sure his father will enjoy wheeling him around in it, similar to what I did in 1981.

Wheelies through the kitchen, while Mum is cooking dinner, is all the go!

I'm looking forward to the "B-Double".

 Best regards,





J.B. Boxhill (AUS)




 Pull along wooden dog toy Phillip
Just wanted to pass along pictures of my rendition of "Pull Along Toy" dog. It was comparitively easy to complete and should last a lifetime. My granddaughter will certainly enjoy it. Congratulations on producing such good plans. I will visit your web site from time to time to see what other interesting toys my granddaughter might enjoy.




 Wooden front end loader toy Wooden sit on digger toy Wooden dump truck toy Wooden dump truck Hi Phillip
These are the photos of completed toys that I constructed from your plans. They turned out rather good. Plans were easy to follow. Well Done.

 Bi Plane toy Hi Phillip
These are the photos of completed toys that I constructed from your plans. They turned out rather good. Plans were easy to follow. Well Done.

 Wheelbarrow for children Hi Phillip
Not sure if you got the photos of the wheelbarrow we made out of spotted gum, so I'm sending them again.
Our grandson loves the 'barrow', and it gets used a lot in the backyard. A very practical toy for a toddler. Thanks for the great plans and we're looking forward to building the dumptruck and front loader next.
Hoping to see the 'barrow' displayed in your gallery.
JG Aus

 make your own bi-plane Dear Phillip,

Please find attached some photos ( of the plane ) for possible inclusion in your gallery. I enjoyed making the plane and found your plans and instructions very accurate / helpful. As I have only limited tools ( no lathe or router ) I decided to make the plane out of 19mm ply. It's not the easiest to work with but with a bit of patience and a lot of sandpaper a reasonable result can be achieved, you be the judge of it.





War time bi-plane First of all thank you for the wonderful plans. Really enjoyed making it. I have attached a couple of pictures of my version. It is USAAC version in honour of my new grandson who was born in the United States.




Bi Plane ready for take off Attached is a picture of the completed bi-plane I made with your plans for my grandson. I used oak for the undercarriage and seat as the pine I had seemed too soft.

Everything worked out well and I had fun doing it. I found a neat site for the custom decals, lettering and ensignia. www.bandegraphix.com.

A.F.  U.S.A.


Yellow dump truck toy From www.woodworkforums.com

Okay. Unlike some others in this thread I won't be shy about posting some photos.
I bought the Model T Ford plan set from Phil at the Maleny Wood Show and had to admit to him that I had still not made those I'd bought the plans for at the Hands On Expo.
So here you are Phil. I've partly met your challenge. The Dump Truck is complete and as you can see at least one person is happy with the result.



Fire Engine wooden toy From "Star" a gold member at the www.woodworkforums.com

I'm chuffed, as I'm not really experienced, but I am sure the 4 year old grandson will love it.



2 bi planes Thank you for the prompt service of my recent purchase of the bi-plane plans. The plans exceeded my expectations. The markings and outlines were nothing short of perfect. I have included pictures. I enjoyed it so much I built 2.

Thanks again and I will order more plans down the road.



Here is a picture of my son at his first birthday. His grandfather made him this plane from your plans. He loves it and so do we!

A.D.   USA


Wooden bi-plane for a child Hi, Phillip,

Photo of the completed bi-plane. I made it out of different woods, iroko, oak and pine. The body is stained pine. I didn't make the rocker base, as I recently made a small rocking horse. Bi-plane came out well, mainly due to your plans.




Barbie Dolls house HELLO,
My son asked me in September if I would build a doll house from your plans.
Of course, I said "Yes" and I actually wound up building two ( one for each of my oldest granddaughters). I'll build one for my youngest granddaughter when she's older.
The girls got their houses for Christmas and they've been quite a "hit" with them!!
I thought I'd send a few pictures and let you use them as you see fit.
Your plans are easy to follow and they produce beautiful toys.
My wife helped paint and decorate the interiors .


bi-plane ready for take off Phillip,

I really liked your bi-plane plans and templates. There was not one miss-cut piece of wood and the project came out just like the picture. I attached the end result. I hope it lives up to your expectations!

I will become a regular as long as the grandchildren are small. Then I will have to wait for great grandchildren!




Bi Plane on a rocker Hi Phillip

Here's my version of the bi-plane rocker for your gallery. It's painted blue/white as our grandson Harry's father is an Everton football club supporter!

Brilliant fun making it. The plans were easy to follow thanks. I made up tracing paper templates.
I couldn't get 12 inch pine here in Guernsey, so had to use American oak for the body. Makes it somewhat heavier but more solid. In case you're interested the body has 3 coats of Danish oil and the pine 3 coats of Antique Pine satin varnish.
I did find the seat a little small ,so expanded it and adjusted the tailplane height. I had trouble bevelling the prop, so simply routered it.

Roll on the next project! Not sure yet but thinking of a motorcycle rocker. Any plans for that? (I'll check your website).

Best regards


Bi-plane on a rocker base Received plans, thank you, your plans are excellent because I have been buying plans from all over Australia for 20 years and none of them display the patterns like yours, thanks I will send a photo when finished. I will have a look at all your other plans and might order some more.


Wooden Bi-plane toy Hello from Whitianga N.Z.,
We have received great admiration of the rocking bi-plane that we decided to
build a second one which we have donated to our local cancer support group for them to raffle as part
of their fundraising.

I will forward a CD in the next few days with several photos that can be used for your gallery if you wish.

The dump truck and loader look good, in particular the loader. Might have be a new year project.

Keep up the good work. J.T. NZ


Bi Plane Thought I would attach a couple of pics of the Rocker - Plane. I'm sure my grandson will enjoy it this Christmas. - Great pattern!


Thank you for the plans that I purchased in late July. I enjoyed making the project.

Anyone that has seen it has been full of praise, not only for my attempt but for the design at large.

The timber I used is Macrocarpa.

If you are still proposing to put together a photo gallery of

completed projects I would be happy to provide a selection of photos of various angles of the bi-plane.

I have been making toys for 45 plus years and have to say this is the best design I have seen in a long time.

Thanks again,


B. B. UK

Thank you so very much for the patterns.

They arrived today.

I was truly astounded at the quality and presentation of the patterns. You could not not have done a better job, the continuity and presentation of each pattern was a superb testament to your ability as a planner and wood worker.

I am glad I ordered my plans from you, as I have a clear and concise pattern to follow easily thanks to your careful attention to detail in every aspect of the project.

I congratulate you on a job very well done.

However, after saying all of that and sincerely meaning every word, I wonder if I could request a little bit extra from you, in the form of a big tuff bull bar for the fronts of the trucks to protect the magnificent grills of these trucks.

I have made a few prototypes myself, but I am just a self taught learner in this toy truck making venture and would rather see how a professional does it.

Thanks again for the great patterns, I will be cutting the paper plans out tonight and then start building the trucks tomorrow.

Great work, and once again thank you for a quality product beautifully laid out and very professional. Well done ....just a rough tuff rugged bull bar please.



(We now supply a bull bar plan with each Prime Mover - Phillip)


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