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Rocking Horse

Size: 72cm high and 135cm long 42 cm wide at base  (Suit 3yr to 6yrs)


 Roger a Bay Rocking Horse  Rocking Horse on slides  Australian Rocking Horse      (Roger - in a Jarrah stain)

Rose a wooden rocking horse Rosewood stained rocking horse

(Rose - In a Rosewood stain)

This lovely wooden rocking horse will provide hours of pleasure for the budding equestrian or the Cowboy in the family. Allow the children to jump on their horse and take off to anywhere their imagination will take them, galloping through deserts, or walking down bush tracks, even competing in a show. This lovely horse will walk, trot, canter and gallop at will, and can even fly ..... great for journeying to imaginary lands, giving hours of enjoyment through imaginative play. Our horses have lovely actions, but a rocking horse is not merely about the physical pleasure of rocking but about the imaginative adventures that they can take you on. Encourage the children to think of places to ride the horse to, play cowboys and indians, ride into battle, or if you have a lovely girl she could be riding to meet her Prince charming, or flying to imaginary castles, or exploring an enchanted forest with her trusty mount. This can be a magical horse, a tamed wild stallion, a champion show horse, it can be a mare, stallion or gelding.

Suitable for children from 3yrs old to 6yrs old.

 Plan and Pattern  - Buy the plan and full size patterns for the Rocking Horse and make it yourself.  We have the option where you can buy the lovely shaped head of the Rocking Horse, made from four pieces of plantation pine.


The Plan & Pattern

Estimated Build Time: 1 day  +  staining / painting

Buy the Plan & Pattern $30

Shaped Head $60

plus postage which depends on how many plans you buy refer the table under shipping. Pay Pal will let you know the total postage before you finalise your order.


Use the drop down menu to choose your options:

Plan Options

If you want this plan to be posted to a non Australian address, you will have to pay some extra postage please click here to view additional postage costs.

Wooden rocking horse















Picture of the basic Rocking Horse



Basic Tools: (Minimum)

  • Wood lathe

  • Drill

  • Hand saw

  • Drill bits

  • Sand paper

  • Rasp

  • Jig saw or Band saw

Recommended Tools: (For a Quicker job)

  • Radial Arm saw

  • Bench drill

  • Belt and flat sander

  • Router

  • Band saw



Shaped Head $60

Head comes in plain Pine ready to Stain / Paint / Varnish and fit to horse.

(Shown with Rosewood Stain)



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