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Rigid Truck

Size: Approx 1m long


Plain Rigid


Rigid with Engraving on the side



The Cab Over

(If you want a tipping truck and trailer go to Truck and Dog)


The Cab Over Rigid Truck

$130 plus $25 shipping


Prime Mover Colour?
Trailer Colour?


 You will Get:
Fully finished and varnished truck.




  • This truck is made to order so there can be at least  a 4 week delivery period as we are often quite busy. Please let us know if you need it sooner or if it needs to arrive by a particular date ie for a Birthday so we can ensure you get it in time. Your can call, email (contact us) or put a note when your order through Paypal as a message to supplier.

  • This toy will be sent via a courier or Registered post and we would prefer a business address to deliver it to during working hours if at all possible. If not that is okay the courier will leave a note in your mailbox if you are not home when he comes.

  • We will let you know a couple of days beforehand that the truck is on its way.


Have a name on both sides of the trailer


Number of Trailer Sides to engrave?
Name to Engrave:



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