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Wooden Rocking Horse on Slide

Rocking Horse on slides rose

Wooden Rocking Horse on Slide

Wooden Rocking Horse, have fun painting, optional shaped head, designed to give hours of enjoyment

Printed Pattern with step by step easy to follow instructions
AUD $30, Optional Shaped Head $60

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Plain rocking horse
Rocking Horse side on

This lovely wooden rocking horse will provide hours of pleasure for the budding equestrian or the Cowboy in the family. Allow the children to jump on their horse and take off to anywhere their imagination will take them, galloping through deserts, or walking down bush tracks, even competing in a show. This lovely horse will walk, trot, canter and gallop at will, and can even fly ..... great for journeying to imaginary lands, giving hours of enjoyment through imaginative play. Our horses have lovely actions, but a rocking horse is not merely about the physical pleasure of rocking but about the imaginative adventures that they can take you on. Encourage the children to think of places to ride the horse to, play cowboys and indians, ride into battle, or if you have a lovely girl she could be riding to meet her Prince charming, or flying to imaginary castles, or exploring an enchanted forest with her trusty mount. This can be a magical horse, a tamed wild stallion, a champion show horse, it can be a mare, stallion or gelding.

Suitable for children from 3yrs old to 6yrs old.

    Buy the easy to follow instructions and full size patterns for the Rocking Horse and make it yourself. We have the option where you can buy the lovely shaped head of the Rocking Horse, made from four pieces of plantation pine.

Please Note: The 3rd photo shows the metal slides and top bracket. The plan for the these are included, the top bracket could be replaced with a more basic shape or routed into the base with a piece of wood secured over the top.

Basic Tools (minimum)

  • Electric Hand Drill/Screw driver
  • Hand Saw
  • Wood Lathe (uprights) - could use poles instead
  • Jig saw
  • File or Rasp

Recommended Tools (for a quicker job)

  • Electric Band Saw
  • Table Saw
  • Electric Disk and/or Belt Sander
  • Bench Drill
  • Under Bench Router

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If you don't want to wait for a hard copy and you have access to a Printer
then buy our Downloadable version of the Pattern

A PDF file of the Instructions and Patterns which you print out on your own printer. You will require a printer, paper, celotape (Sticky tape)and scissors to cut out the pattern shapes. The Patterns are full size so it is very important that you choose the correct Paper size (you select the size during the purchase process). By chosing the correct paper size this will prevent distortion of the Patterns. We offer the 2 most common paper sizes used in home printers. As a result of fitting our Patterns on these paper sizes some of the patterns will span several sheets of paper which you will have to tape together. This is clearly marked on the Pattern.

US Letter Size - Not Yet Available

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